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Computing the mechanical statistics

February 13, 2015. There are three basic statistics of physics considered here: classical, bosons and fermions. We calculate discrete cases and default information, by Python 2.7.3. Then we find the well-known formulas assuming the distribution of individual particles are equally probable, and the most probable is the most commonly implemented.

Recursions in the quantum statistics

February 1, 2015. This is the math review of development in series of the three physical distributions, including the information: classic thermodynamic gas, bosons and fermions. The central place of the research is the development of the functions in Taylorís series. The main calculations are about the corresponding recursive equations. It is considered only the continuous probability distribution.

Information - The Maxwell, Bose and Fermi statistics

January 20, 2015. We are looking for Shannoní information of the three main energy distributions, classical Maxwell-Boltzmann and the two quantum, Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac. This is the continuation of the article Statistics.

Statistics - Distributions and information of Plankís law

January 13, 2015. This is a brief overview of some important results in statistics, math probability and distributions in physics. It is the reminder for the Binomial distribution and its boundary cases the Poisson and Gaussian distribution, and also to the geometric distributions. But the most important result is the information of the Planckís radiation.

Bosons the integer spin particles

January 7, 2015. Boson is a subatomic particle, such as a photon, that has zero or integral spin and follows the Bose-Einsteinís statistic. The gauges bosons are kind of particles-connections on each end of a line are fermions.

Fermions the half-integer spin particles

January 3, 2015. Fermion is a subatomic particle that has half-integer spin. We considered the Fermi-Dirac statistics, which is valid for this type of particles. Then are discussed the anti-commutativity, and the Pauli matrices.

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